Rural to Rural

A decade ago I decided to watch a TV series on ‘A Village in China’ as my ignorance on China was profound. But as the series unfolded I realised that the Chinese village was so much like my village that I understood perfectly well the tensions within it, and even the debates about land use and the role of local ‘gatekeepers’. Rural problems seem to be pretty similar all over the world, but in the UK we are always depicted within the rural idyll, perfect communities living happily together in Arcadia. But it’s very difficult for rural people to share ideas and experience with other rural people without meeting in the big city. Even where we have the excellent idea of villages in one country twinning with those in another, the arrangements so often get hi-jacked by local politicos.

Hence this blog site, to enable people from one rural area to communicate ideas with others concerning their societies, concerning their landscapes and environments, concerning their economies and cultures. They may be good ideas (bragging is allowed) or they may be a plea for others to produce ideas. I intend to make a start, once I have posted this starter blog, with blogs about music in the community, and about the habit of visiting gardens. But I have a particular and professional interest in landscape issues.

I am very very new to this game, and I have not yet figured out how to allow others to post blogs on this site, but until I have sussed this out, then please do send me an email for me to convert into a blog. I am

About my place. I moved seven years ago to a village, Winkleigh, in the middle of Devonshire, England. Population 1600.


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